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Domain Computers without Automate Agent 3.0

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About This File

This RAWSQL monitor uses data from the Active Directory Plugin to check for active AD Computer Accounts with a Windows OS that have recent logon times, and that do not have an Automate Agent installed. This is helpful to identify computers that were joined to the domain without the proper procedure, or computers that your agent deployment has not succeeded in reaching. The alert will be targeted against a probe computer for each client, you will need to read the alert body (or subject) to find out the name of the computer without an agent. Because the alerting is "Probe" centric, be aware of the following:

If you enable group targeting, and your targeting excludes the probe computer for a client, no machines will be reported for that client.
If you have no probe at any location for a client, no machines will be reported for that client.

The alerts now are applied against the DC used for the AD information gathering, so it no longer generates alerts using probe agents.
If you Exclude or Ignore the "computer", you are really excluding the Probe AD Controller Computer, and if you do this no machines will be reported for that client.
There is no simple way to Whitelist machines that do not have an agent installed on purpose. You will just have to live with them being reported. To prevent a computer from triggering an alert if it should not have an agent, just update the computer description in Active Directory to have the word "Exclude". Examples: "Exclude From MSP Management" , "Excluded from Automate Agent deployment", etc.

To Import: In Control Center, open Tools -> Import -> SQL File. (System->General->Import->SQL File in Automate 12) Select the file, and you should be asked to import 2 statements. (Cancel if it tells you a different number). The Monitor will be named "Domain Computer Without Automate Agent", and it should run every 6 hours. If you already have this monitor, you can safely import and it will apply the updates to your existing monitor.

Keywords: active directory domain joined computer object account missing labtech automate agent machine monitor

What's New in Version 3.0   See changelog


Big Fixes!

  • In my testing, query is about 10x faster than the previous version!
  • Computers can now be ignored by updating the description in Active Directory, no need to hardcode exceptions for computers that are intentionally ignored.
  • Easily modifiable Major.Minor version check to ignore specific Windows versions (XP/2003).
  • Correctly associates computers in child domains to the correct domain controller (prevents computers in a child domain from reporting as missing from the root domain).
  • Correctly associates missing computers to domain controller that reported them (resolves a potential issue when two clients have identically named domains).
  • Associates alerts to the DC that reported information, not just a random Probe or Server computer. (Before the lowest server ID was used).
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Awesome work as always. Much quicker and now it is filtering only on Windows machines the results are perfect.

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v2.1 is vastly improved over the original version. Much quicker and more accurate. Thank you @DarrenWhite99

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Hi Darren,

I had some inactive agents in my list which causing some issue specially at the time of report for ( monitoring patches and etc).

my strategy was to awaken them to update the agent or delete them.

I did run "Push ConnectWise Automate to Domain" against DC and after that run Cleanup inactive agents >90 days.

As a consequence some devices become retired and I realized that part of those devices are in production environment and we need to have screen connect access and also need have them monitored.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Response from the author:

If the question is: "What do I do when I retired a computer that I now need access to?" - The short answer is: Reinstall the agent so that you can manage the computer. This monitor is designed to help you identify machines that need to have an agent installed, but how you install the agent is completely out of this monitor's scope.

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