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    Awesome work as always. Much quicker and now it is filtering only on Windows machines the results are perfect.
    Fantastic work as always Darren. You are a god. This helps us catch things that have changed post configuration of the plugin without having to manually check.
    Another fantastic script. I had a couple of team members start to worry about script modifications and began to make their own archives within script folders. Implemented this, does exactly as it says it would, now they don't need to worry. Thanks again Darren.
    Our team love this one. Very handy to find machines or notebooks that come on rarely and need something done.
  1. Hey Matt, I can assist here, as I had a similar issue. I had to create an alert template that was able to run scripts only (called it 'Run Script' as per Darren's suggestion). This alert template then allows the script defined in the monitor to run, which fixed up our issues. There were also some slight modifications made to the original monitor to make it more 'live' rather than waiting on a table to rebuild. Right now my monitor's configuration is this in the event you want to change it and test results. This is working well for us. Identity Field: computers.na
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