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    Hi! Need som information on how Chocolatey work. I tried to find some contact information on their website but did not find any. How do Chocolatey work in automate? What we want is 3PP of all software in their repository and also a self service portal so the enduser can install a set of pre defined softwares them self from some kind of GUI. Thanks!
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  5. One for all versions. I have a custom computer EDF that tells me the version instead, with a scheduled script that periodically queries and refreshes it (the install or upgrade scripts I wrote also perform the query and repopulate the EDF).
  6. Getting some feedback, would it be convenient if I added a -Parameter that would also remove ScreenConnect/Control? Something like: Uninstall-Automate -DelScreenConnect
  7. The script writes the file to: C:\Support\Automate\GPO\{418AB5AD-364B-4BC1-8058-BC2697890A5C}\DomainSysvol\GPO\Machine\Scripts\Startup\CWAutomateDeploy.bat Then performs the import to Active Directory (The UID may differ. Sort by date to be sure): \\SERVER\sysvol\DOMAIN.COM\Policies\{06CB11DF-D162-4291-BDCB-4A8743E6DCEB}\Machine\Scripts\Startup\CWAutomateDeploy.bat
  8. There are a couple of control buttons available in the 'Server Status' window in Control Center for hosted Automate, but maybe I was mistaken and none of them do an actual IISreset. Maybe this is something Automate Support could do for me, but they tend to balk at these kinds of requests.
  9. I am having problems uninstalling as well. I can get Symantec.cloud to remove by stopping the service and running the uninstaller. Can't get SEPC off, though. We inherited a partner with it installed about the same time last year Symantec was killing it, and didn't get to the Cedar link before they took it down. @SteveYates Any chance you could send me the latest CEDAR.exe as well? Thanks! Matt
  10. Quick question. The Create GPO script runs with no errors but the startup script that is in the GPO is nowhere to be found in SYSVOL So where did it get put? Thank You
  11. I actually updated the scripts yesterday to return information if the Agent was already installed, and will Uninstall the Mac agent for troubleshooting purposes prior to install. Deploy Agents - Automate Scripts - Cool Tools - MSPGeek I've included a copy of what the Automate Script automatically generates for the Mac (including the token for the Client\Location already inserted for you). I've also added several remarks so you can tell what's going on. ## ScreenConnect for Mac / Mac (Terminal-as-Root) ## #timeout=30000 #maxlength=9000000 sudo cat /usr/local/ltechagent/state | g
  12. Hi Darren, Thanks! I'll have a look at it.
  13. Hey all, I was recently on a call with a few guys going over Network Monitoring. What started off as a quick call with one person... turned into a bit more of a formal training session with 4 or 5 people. So, with their permission, I recorded it and after watching it back and I think it turned out quite well. I also asked the attendees if I could share it... and they gave their consent!! - Thanks guys! This content has been requested from me for quite some time now, from both people in the community and my colleagues.. so, here it is!! This video is about 1hr 20 min long
  14. Take a look at https://github.com/darkoperator/Posh-SSH I have had this in an open tab open for weeks (months?), just waiting for time to dig in...
  15. It should just be working. Maybe another IISreset? How are you restarting IIS on hosted anyway or seeing the C:\windows\temp on the automate server as those typically are not available to customers on hosted environment?
  16. We use hosted automate and had been using this plugin for awhile, but it stopped working today. I updated both the Control Extension to 1.0.33 and the Automate plugin to, restarted DB Agent and Restarted IIS and it's still not working for us. When I try to log into the plugin in Control I get 'password Invalid' error, even though I know the password is correct as I can log in directly to our hosted Automate server using the same info. 2FA is enabled on Automate, and that works correctly directly on the server as well, but I can't seem to get it to accept my password in
  17. Just to add that this is still broken in 2020.11 release, and applying that patch wiped out the above fix so you'll likely need to reapply after every patch until CW get their finger out.
  18. here's the link. if you need to you can PM me here. I did not create this script but I use it almost daily. using this will generate MSI, EXE install packages, as well as provide information to install via powershell, commandline, and mac install guide.
  19. Hi apc_ben, you have given me hope! Would you be willing to share in more detail? Just let me know if so and I'll message you on this platform so we can communicate directly unless you're willing to share for anyone on this platform to see. Or if there is a link to said BrainGears script that might be all my colleague needs to make it work for us. Thanks!
  20. sure - it works, just not automated or even in a single script. must run a command in terminal to allow the app, install the application, then manually allow permissions for Control (screenrecording and accessibility). i just did this when onboarding a high school and student laptops. the agent shows up MUCH faster in automate compared to a PC installation, but there are more manual steps required. I use the script from BrainGears to generate install packages with token codes, and run the commands as per the information provided in that email (you will know what I am talking about when yo
  21. I currently don't have an entry for that version, but I can create one and verify. How are you detecting? With one Virus Scan entry for all versions, or one Virus Scan entry for each version?
  22. I am not seeing the issue. I can confirm because I also have an EDF set up that periodically queries the SentinelOne version so I can show it in our system information.
  23. It looks like GA has broken detection yet again. I can't really see why it's not working as the files and registry entries don't seem to have changed. Is anyone else seeing this issue?
  24. Hi all, I've experienced some problems with the SSH function in scripts. (or via the agent to a network device) The agent is not able to establish connections to some devices and this seems to be related to devices who do not support SSH 1.0 anymore. The problem devices at the moment are WatchGuard Firewalls (SSH port 4118) and HPe MSA 2052 with the latest firmware where they disables SSH1. The error on firewalls: sshd Unable to negotiate with <IP> port 53274: no matching MAC found. Their offer: hmac-sha1,hmac-md5,hmac-sha1-96,hmac-md5-96 [preauth] Debug The error o
  25. I've updated the scripts after GitHub's changes requiring TLS 1.2/1.3. The Mac Install script will now Uninstall / Install the Automate Agent for ScreenConnect / Terminal If you've created a GPO in the past, use the Remove GPO then re-run Create GPO on your AD Domain Controllers.
  26. Sorry for the spam. Posting this back here, so that it's not taking up too much space on the front page
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