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  3. How do I build this on Automate - file is only an xml file?
  4. Hi Darren, Great work! Can you include a ReadMe.txt with instructions and information about the options and how to use this. Thanks!
  5. Darren, I just imported this and it imported 2 rows and no errors and I see the new monitor in internal monitors but there is no action on the alerting function. It is set for Default Do Nothing. Isn't it supposed to remediate by running the command to update the remote agent?
  6. HI @danialbulloch I just downloaded your script and ran into some issues. I noticed following a review it can only work when there is ONLY 1 DC in the CW Automate client. We have clients with 2 local DC's is there anyway to modify this script to work with 2 domain controllers. Kind regards
  7. Hell0 - I've been running the script for a while now with no issues. Recently I'm coming across the following error code and I haven't found a resolution. Anyone have any suggestions? The media for the upgrade is copied from the local file server to the PC temp folder and then I get this message. Then an hour later I'm notified the upgrade didn't go through. Thanks!
  8. Is this monitor still working? I imported successfully but am not receiving any results. Tried build and view query but nothing happens. Was something supposed to be changed in the .sql before import?
  9. You can always write a Script which calls this one and also removes any others installed along side of (or as part of) a typical Continuum deployment. Be certain to add the appropriate delays and/or completion checks to *your* Script to ensure a smooth, complete flow between its various components so stuff actually uninstalls properly/successfully.
  10. Hey all, I was recently on a call with a few guys going over Network Monitoring. What started off as a quick call with one person... turned into a bit more of a formal training session with 4 or 5 people. So, with their permission, I recorded it and after watching it back and I think it turned out quite well. I also asked the attendees if I could share it... and they gave their consent!! - Thanks guys! This content has been requested from me for quite some time now, from both people in the community and my colleagues.. so, here it is!! This video is about 1hr 20 min long and covers the following topics: Device Discovery Probe Registry items Creating Detection Templates Device Searches SNMP based remote monitors Now, in the video... you will notice that some things worked just fine and maybe 1 or 2 things didn't. I even got a little confused as to what happened to a ticket... I decided to leave that in there and roll with it as I think it adds to the content, more than it does take away. I have been using this product for 8 years now... and even I still get things mixed up from time to time!! #EverythingIsFine 🔥 👀 😉 Video link: [DataDump] - Episode 3 - Network Monitoring in CW Automate - YouTube Enjoy 👍 ://mk
  11. I have to say I have very good results from this script, we don't upgrade Windows 7 systems with it only WINDOWS 10. I use Sharepoint to host the file for users that can't reach a DC. I create a cache folder on \\blah.local\NETLOGON\cache and copy the latest ISO there so everyone has access and add the \\blah.local to the Extra 1 field. Mad props to the creators of this has saved me soooo much time.
    works well but my Cisco Umbrella at first was nuking the transfer from the LTSHARE to the PC for install.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is the latest version of my Offline Domain Join script for ConnectWise Automate. This script will join a computer to a domain with no network connection to the domain controller. Automate finds the "Domain naming master" server for the client, generates a file, transfers the file over to the target agent, then uses it to do a domain join. The script can also work when a computer is in the same network as the domain controller. We use it for all domain joining. If a client has multiple domain naming masters the script will automatically fail. If the target computer is on a domain or a workgroup other than "WORKGROUP", it will automatically fail. If the target computer is Azure AD joined, it will automatically fail. Once joined, domain credentials wont work until the target computer can communicate a domain controller. If someone has a trick for that, I'd love to hear it.
  13. I am curious - what are some of the use cases for this data view? I can think of some from a security perspective but curious what others may be using this sort of functionality for.
  14. Hello Darren, I ran this script 93 times and it worked perfectly all 93 times. Thank you. If I wanted this script to update to PowerShell 5.1 instead of 5.0, would I only need to edit lines 37 and 39 with the 5.1 file name, then 43 and 44 with the new direct download link to PowerShell 5.1 on 32 bit? For 64 bit it would be lines 47, 49, and 51 with the 64 bit 5.1 file names, then lines 55, 56, and 59 with the 64 bit 5.1 direct download link? Further down the script, I would then update references to 5.0 with 5.1? Line 104 would be the PowerShell 5.1 requirements? -Mike
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