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GeekCast - Branding HTML Template (basic edition)


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I will link the VoD, i am working on getting it uploaded to youtube, once its done I will add the link.  Twitch VoD will only be available for 14 days.  If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask me or post here. @kspooner on slack.

HTML Files Attached for the code.  Feel free to edit the template to your hearts extent, and don't forget plenty of testing.

New_Template.html Template.html

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As mentioned, here's some of the ones I created a long long time ago, but I believe their flow still holds up. Breakdown of the statuses:

1) New (submitted via app, or just generic simplified "New" status

2) Optional: New (Portal) - If the ticket was launched via the portal.

3) Optional: New (Email) - If the ticket was launched  via the email connector

4) Optional: Scheduled - If you have assigned a date and resource, and want to let the customer know when to expect to hear from them.

5) Waiting on Customer: Initial waiting status generates Waiting 1 email, reminds partner to reply, and you will remind them in 5 days. Create a workflow rule that changes this to the secondary waiting status after 5 days.

6) >Waiting on Client Reply: Secondary waiting status that is triggered by workflow above. Keep the ticket in this status for 2 more days before another workflow rule changes it to a completed status. (I like to put the > in front of statuses that are exclusively meant for workflows for a visual reminder not to manually set tickets as this.)

7) Completed: This is your standard completed template (no survey) 

😎 Optional: Completed - Survey: This email notification assumes you have a survey setup called "Click Here" within Manage, and you have attributed this survey to the template.


  • These assume you want your clients entering/accessing their tickets via the portal. If you didn't want that, you could take it out
  • You might choose to create a "Completed - No Response" status as well that your waiting tickets could move to if you did not want to have it go to the generic completed status. 
  • You would have to change the link to the "Customer Portal" text to point to your portal URL, and the mailto to where you wanted requests for access to go to. (We had a board that would generate an email in response that included their UN/PW to the portal once it was set up. CW may have a better way of handling this now I'm not sure.)
  •  Add hosted logo, alter the black line image or background colours of header/footer to suit your brand :)

 Hopefully these are also helpful! Happy to provide more info on the waiting workflow should it be wanted!

Link to templates: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1yNsh8Z0KbNG2FdPCKALW90xoiqg-sxBE


Template-New-Email.htm Template-New-Portal.htm Template-Scheduled.htm Template-NewTicket.htm Template-Waiting1.htm Template-Waiting2.htm Template-Completed-NoSurvey.htm Template-Completed-Survey.htm

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9 hours ago, jack@getair.us said:

Is there ANY method to change not just the status change, but the actual time-entry notes email that goes out? 

Not with the old notes.  With the new notes you might be able to CSS override them. The override works like External File -> Internal CSS Section -> Tag itself.  The manually set each tag in the old notes so you can't override them. 


If you are referring to the overall email itself and not just the ticket notifications, yes you can change overall email itself yes I cover it in the VoD above.


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