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  1. Version 1.0.0


    These SQL files can be imported in System > General > Import > SQL File. It will add in four new role definitions Microsoft 365 - Azure AD Joined Microsoft 365 - Domain Joined Microsoft 365 - Hybrid AD Joined Microsoft 365 - On-Premises DRS Joined
  2. Please note our Code of Conduct has been moved Code of Conduct - MSPGeek Inc.
  3. As an added bonus you don't even need to open ConnectWise Automate to do it. See my post here https://www.gavsto.com/one-script-to-get-an-overview-of-all-your-clients-open-ports-and-cve-vulnerabilities-using-powershell-connectwise-automate-and-shodans-free-api/
  4. This is a massive pain in the ass for me too, but it is fixable. First you need to enable enhanced logging by setting a property in the dashboard of plugin_reportcenter_loglevel and giving it a value of 6 Check to make sure the property does not already exist, if it does set it to 6. A restart of the DBAgent service is needed for it to process this. Open the report and generate the error. You will find a log locally at "C:\programdata\LabTech Client\Logs\20190524_LTcErrors.txt" which may or may not give a good indication as to what the problem is. Post the relevant bit here
  5. @Brant @LVasquez SELECT COUNT(*) AS TestValue, c.name AS IDentityField, c.Computerid AS ComputerID, acd.NoAlerts, acd.UpTimeStart, acd.UpTimeEnd FROM computers c JOIN eventlogs e ON (e.computerid = c.`ComputerID`) LEFT JOIN AgentComputerData acd ON (c.computerid = acd.computerid) WHERE e.EventID IN (529,644,681,4625) AND (e.Message LIKE '%Logon Type:2%' OR e.Message LIKE '%Logon Type:7%' OR e.Message LIKE '%Logon Type:10%') AND TimeGen > (NOW() - INTERVAL 1 HOUR) GROUP BY c.`ComputerID` HAVING TestValue > 8 This is a RAWSQL I
  6. This is something that I am constantly seeing, and I am wondering if anyone has any insight in to it. I have a significant number of network devices where MAC Addresses are being detected that don't seemingly exist - these MAC addresses are always 2 Hexadecimal places away from a MAC address that does exist and they end up being/creating duplicate devices. It's easier to show in a screenshot: Checking on the probe to see how this was detected I find nothing in lt_LTNETScan.Log. The only mention of this MAC address is in ly_LTNETMap.log. Here is the section it is in: Hooking
  7. Is that information not within the Manage UI itself? See https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Documentation/030/020/035/060
  8. I'm not even sure what you are trying to do when you say e-mail tracking. Can you outline a bit more? Is this for Manage or Automate because that's the SOAP API for Manage.
  9. I mean... did you really read it? It basically says there that the version of Automate you are on will stop working on the 9th of March and all agents will break. What more motivation do you need?
  10. Please read If you are on Automate 12 Patch 12, get yourself updated ASAP as a PRIORITY.
  11. You can build up a search in the advanced search. Computer.Drives.IsSSD
  12. Following the MSPs who were impacted by this https://www.reddit.com/r/msp/comments/ani14t/local_msp_got_hacked_and_all_clients_cryptolocked/ a number MSPGeekers had an impromptu call to discuss security in general and what best practices we all followed to ensure our systems are as secured as possible. This prompted an idea from @MetaMSP that we have a place where best practices can be defined - things that we can put in place to make our RMMs as secure as possible. I will update this with a list of generally agreed upon methods based on the discussion. How can I apply better securit
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This SQL can be imported in System > General > Import > SQL File. It will add an additional role definition that detects when a TPM is in a ready state.
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