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  1. Hi, you can use config.office.com to create your config and install it https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/DeployOffice/overview-office-deployment-tool C:\O365\Setup.exe C:\O365\configuration.xml C:\O365\Setup.exe /download configuration.xml C:\O365\setup.exe /configure configuration.xml To uninstall Office 2010 look here https://www.itninja.com/question/uninstall-office-2010-professional-plus
  2. Hello, I have scripts to import GPOs to my servers, I have a problem with my GPO creating icons. In my script I want to make an icon on the desktop \\FS01\Users\%USERNAME% The problem is that Automate converts my %USERNAME% variable instead of writing it in my icon so i got this \\FS01\Users\Administrator I tried to bypass the system by writing my variable in 2 part varA =%USER varB = NAME% \\FS01\Users\@varA@@varB@ Same thing i got this \\FS01\Users\Administrator insted of \\FS01\Users\%USERNAME% Is there an option for labtech not to convert my variable?
  3. Make a zip file, copy it to the pc and unzip it. You will also save bandwidth and copy time. Download 7zip to a tools folder Unzip your files
  4. Only if you want to detect other language local Admin Copy Line 3 and disable it, edit the copy with my custum script One more thing, if the script not populate users in the database, you can try to change the line 3 Script Credentials: Run as admin to Run as local agent
  5. Go to automation / Scripts and search for admon, you ll find it
  6. It working great on my server but it not working for French local admin group (Administrateurs) i edited the script to include both French and english local group Admon Maintenance Service Script / Line 3 Original Code: $myadmins = net localgroup administrators | where {$_ -AND $_ -notmatch "command completed successfully"} | select -skip 4 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $i = 0 foreach ($admin in $myadmins){ $admin = $admin.Replace("\","\\") if($i -eq 0){ write-output "( %clientid% , %computerid% , NOW(), '$admin')" }else{ write-output ",( %clientid%
  7. I am using this Free plugin from plugins4automate to manage Admin group https://www.plugins4automate.com/products/admon-local-admin-group-monitor
  8. I am also interested in automated rapidfire, especially the part with the darkweb scan
  9. Hello, I am a little worried about this vulnerability Zerologon Vulnerability (CVE-2020-1472) , someone made a script / monitor to patch this ? Microsoft have made a patch to activate an additional security function but have to do a manual intervention to secure the Netlogon Remote Protocol (also called MS-NRPC). From what I could read it is necessary to monitor the events ID 5827 / 5828 / 5829 / 5830 / 5831 If I apply the enforcement mode, I must monitor the events ID 5829 for deny access and make a list of computers that can no longer connect. https://support.microsoft.com/fr-ca/he
  10. You can use SQL Get DataSet funtion with SQL Fetch DataSet Row you can look in the Automate forum for example Check my example, you have to define a variable @cnt@ = 1
    Amazing ty @DarrenWhite99 for this script help me to deploy a lots of automate agent !
  11. Ty @DarrenWhite99 for this amazing script, i edited the bachfile to deal with multiple location, i ll try to automate the bath file with automate! ::--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :: Script : Install ConnectWise Automate Agent :: Version : 0.1 :: Written by : Chuck Fowler ::--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :: Token will Expire on 8/19/2021 2:41:40 AM UTC @ECHO OFF ipconfig | find /i "10.101.1." > NUL IF %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 GOTO DataCenter ipconfig | find /i "192.168.1.
  12. Thank you for this contribution, I will test this for my next deployment.
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