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ScriptletsPack 1.2.1

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About This File

This bundle contains separate SQL imports to add the following Scriptlets:

  • Check If Agent Is Online - Just checks if the agent has a recent contact timestamp, and branches based on the result.
  • Check Script Execution Delay Before Continuing - Define how much time can pass between a script's SCHEDULED start time and it's actual start. For example: Allow a script to run only within 4 hours of the time it was scheduled.
  • Check Script Execution Window Before Continuing - Define a start time and end time. If the script begins running outside of this window it will exit. The time is compensated for the agents timezone and supports wrapping past midnight. (Start at 23:00 and End at 03:00 is understood as between 11:00PM and 3:00AM)
  • Confirm Contract Status - Checks that an Agent is Under MSP Contract, and is not Excluded From MSP Contract.
  • Example Loop - A simple loop (Like in the Scripting Lab) to execute a loop repeatedly until it reaches the specified limit.
  • Example SQL Loop - A more complex loop that uses the SQL Get Dataset function to retrieve a recordset and loop through the results.
  • Exit If Not Windows OS - Basic 2 line script starter to abort if the agent is not running a windows OS.
  • Lookup Password Credentials - Allows you to retrieve the Title, Username, Password, URL, Notes, and ExpireDate for a password by providing the ID. Includes a query to find the "best" user matching a name ranked by location and expiration date, or use your own logic to choose the ID.
  • Pause Script Until Remote Commands are Retrieved - A OS Neutral command that guarantees that the script will halt until the agent picks up the command and returns the result. Useful for pacing some operations that can fail if executed out of order. In times past, not all remote commands would pause the script. A "Create Folder" and a "Copy File" command could be scripted one after the other, but both could end up queued at the same time, and the agent might start the copy before the folder has been created. Also useful after executing an agent restart or service restart, ensures that the agent is checking in again. The Script Wait allows additional time to pass before continuing the script execution.
  • Process Text One Line at a Time - Takes a variable with multiple lines of text (like output from a command) and loops over it one line at a time (like the SQL Loop does with rows).
  • Run Temporary Batch or Shell Script - Largely replaced by the Execute Script function for Windows, but still useful for OSX/Linux. (And still works fine with Windows). This scriptlet generates a random filename, writes the script contents to the file, executes and then removes the script from the agent.
To import a scriptlet, just use the Tools->Import->SQL function in Control Center (Or load the file contents into a Query Editor in SQLYog).
To use the "Run Temporary Batch or Shell Script" refer to the screenshots below showing how to edit for Windows or OSX/Linux use. (Or both in one script if you are supporting multiple OS types!)
Windows Batch Script:
OSX/Linux Shell Script:



What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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(B)admin Life


Very useful pack of scriptlets . Have not thoroughly tested all of them but the ones I have used such as the 'process text one line at a time' have worked great. 

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