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  1. Thanks Joe - this seems like what i'll end up doing. Thanks for the information!
  2. Is it possible to have Automate deploy GPOs? My thought is this: I have a constant need to create a new mapped drive GPO for clients. Can I have a script to deploy a starter GPO that has the basic information and all we have to do is modify and customize the script (or we can set this up through variables to prompt the user who is applying the script to the machine). Ideally, we would have this also create an ACL in Active Directory that corelates to the GPO just created (AKA, GPO name is "Map Drive - X: - Executive" which creates an AD group called "ACL - Executive") I can expand on
  3. there's a script in automate (i believe, if not i can export mine for you) that will force an update to the latest feature update. I also modified one to force all machines to 1909 which downloads the iso from my self-hosted FTP site. both work well. the automated script to go right to the latest feature update downloads the windows update assistant silently, then executes it, reboots, waits 2.5 hours then cleans up behind itself.
  4. here's the link. if you need to you can PM me here. I did not create this script but I use it almost daily. using this will generate MSI, EXE install packages, as well as provide information to install via powershell, commandline, and mac install guide.
  5. sure - it works, just not automated or even in a single script. must run a command in terminal to allow the app, install the application, then manually allow permissions for Control (screenrecording and accessibility). i just did this when onboarding a high school and student laptops. the agent shows up MUCH faster in automate compared to a PC installation, but there are more manual steps required. I use the script from BrainGears to generate install packages with token codes, and run the commands as per the information provided in that email (you will know what I am talking about when yo
  6. the onedrive links are showing dead on my end to get the dellmonitoring executables. can someone send me a link to them?
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