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  1. Disregard I went through the code and see what your doing. Nice!
  2. Installed and removed with a problem... the quick test I performed looked good. I did run it against a 2008 DC on accident and it failed because of missing GPO cmdlets. I will edit to put an OS check at the beginning. How are you keeping github updated with the latest agent? Is it manual or automated?
  3. No specifically but if you can call a script then should be able to call a powershell creation script. This is one of the things we do for MSPs. PM me and I can help would work through it
  4. I was just told this is no longer supported for cloud partners......
  5. Hey guys, I have edited a theme from the jquery site and uploaded the zip file but nothing ever changes. The logo update works fine but noth the color scheme. Am I missing something here? I have attached a zip of the theme I edited. Any help would be much appreciated start.zip
  6. I have had alot of headache moving from BD to Sophos... Just for the fact that scripts supplied by sophos half ass work. But like you guys I made some adjustments. I do have some questions if there are any other MSP partners that would like to chat let me know
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