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  1. Hi All, A quick question. Does everyone here update BIOS for Servers and workstations? With a wide variety of systems and BIOS versions I am loathed to add this onto our team to start implementing and maintaining. Does anyone do this via scripting? If so any chance of sharing your scripts or pointing me in the right direction? Thanks
  2. I have just checked again and it is failing on: The Script(586) failed in the Then section at step 3. The reason: ERR an error occurred: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Windows\LTSvc\Scripts\Hyper-V_Replication_Maintainer.ps1 I know this is a really old script now but was hoping to find a way to alert and hopefully self rectify common issues. So our team would be aware of any replication issues should the self healing not resolve the issue. Thanks for any help
  3. This is an awesome script thank you
  4. Thanks Tim, That's great I will look at them shortly
  5. Hi All, This is probably going to be a quick NO but I was wondering if anyone knows a way to complete fields during an installation using an executable file. I know the best practice is to use an MSI but its an old piece of software that we are not able to get an MSI for. During the install we need to modify the default install location. This in turn means its a manual install of the software. I wasn't sure if there was a command in automate that states something like run install.exe First field type CTRL + A (To accept the license) Press Enter Type C:\FOLDERLOCATION (To chan
  6. Old topic, I was the same as many of the others in the fact I didnt want to just blanket delete the check. I found the ariticle: In my case it was the AV Sophos DLL that was triggering the alert.
  7. This info may help. I am not sure if this may help: https://www.gavsto.com/running-programs-scripts-as-a-logged-in-user-in-a-labtech-automate-script/ Basically it a good article that runs through running a script as the locally logged in user.
  8. Hi Brock, I have still not been able to find a good way of doing this yet. If you do please let me know 😊
  9. I have resolved. Thanks for your help p_ern. I found that if I ran the command as console shell rather than batch script or powershell script I could run this as intended. I have now been able to add this to the systray icon and enabled my end users the ability to restart file explorer. I have seen the fix has been resolved in the upcoming release.
  10. Thanks P_ern for getting back to me. Same result sorry. If I run this as a batch file it works fine on the machine. If I push it out through automate it does not start explorer back up. I have to manually ctrl+alt & Del then run and type explorer.exe to get the taskbar etc back, tried as user and admin.
  11. Seems to working ok on ours.
  12. It turns out there was an issue in the back end which has now been resolved. We now get a notification noise and a chrome style pop up in windows which has made life a lot easier for our techs.
  13. Hi All, I am hoping someone can help with this. I am trying to runa a simple batch script: taskkill /im explorer.exe /f start explorer.exe exit The issue I am having is that it executes the task kill ok but it does not start explorer.exe. I have tried the process kill & process execute without luck also. My goal due to windows 1909 search explorer issue is to add this to the labtech tray icon menu so our customers can restart explorer.exe themselves until a valid fix has been identified. I am just struggling with the starting of explorer.exe via the script. Issue: https
  14. Hi All, Has anyone else had issues with the keys being pulled not matching the keys as they should be?
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