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  1. Never mind my mistake. I noticed that the device had to have been off for at least 30 min before it got picked up by the monitor. It does work fine, thanks
  2. Hey there, I have created an alert template and set it as follows: And my monitor looks as follows: And I have two email addresses configured in the Notify When Online EDF for a machine that was offline. I powered on the machine but received no emails sadly. Have I configured something wrong?
  3. FYI: If I check processes on the Mac I can see iCoreService running, so it's weird that this isn't working.
  4. Hi everyone, Has anyone managed to get AV detection working on Macs for Trend Micro Security Agent? Mine isn't detecting it, the settings I have at the moment are: Name: Trend Micro Security Agent Program Location: /Applications/TrendMicroSecurity.app/Contents/info.plist Definition Location: /Applications/TrendMicroSecurity.app/Contents/ AP Process: iCoreService* Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi all, I've noticed that the WCC session times out after around 30 min or so and the user then needs to log back in with their 2FA etc. Is there an easy way to increase the WCC session to 4 hours or so? I'm not sure where to find the settings to change this in Automate, would appreciate any help. We are currently on Automate v19.0.225 (Patch 8). Apologies if this has been asked somewhere else on the forums already, I couldn't find any info on it though. Cheers! Ew0k
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