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  1. We have a client with an Azure RDS pool, it's set to auto-scale so that during business hours it ramps up the RDSH instances according to demand, but OOH runs a minimum only. For that reason, we don't want the normal offline check as it will generate noise due to the regularity of servers being offline, but we do want to be able to alert based on a minimum of online servers according to the time schedule. For instance OOH alert if RDSH <1, during business hours alert if RDSH <4. Can you guys think of a way to achieve this?
  2. Hi, we're fairly new to LT and are in the process of moving over from SolarWinds RMM (aka GFIMax, MaxFocus, LogicNow, HoundDog etc). We're very used to using the 'wall chart' view in SolarWinds RMM to display on wallboards in our office details of any servers that have current check failures or that have gone offline, but I can't see how to do this (or anything similar) using the Dashboard feature in LT, has anybody done anything similar or has any tips? Have attached a screenshot of what the SolarWinds RMM wall chart view looks like.
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