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  1. @MGreen This is awesome information and I'll take a look at it tomorrow, thanks a lot.
  2. As an additional note, I ended up scrapping this project and have looked into a third-party solution. I was able to create script that performed this and remote monitors were assigned to the probe device at each location; however, my engineers weren't happy with the results so I've deleted all of the monitors.
  3. I know your question is more specific to one particular vendor, but this is the Automate script I use to uninstall applications that were installed using the Windows Installer. If your Solarwinds product was installed with this method, you can switch out where I have [Application Name] in the below snippet with the name of the product you're interested in removing and it should find your product, call the Windows Installer with the path stored in the UninstallString REG_STRING, and silently remove the application. $Application = Get-ChildItem -Path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentV
  4. Hey, everyone. I was looking around the forum (and too many others) to see if I could find something similar to what I want to do and I'm interested to see if anyone has any input or if I'm perhaps missing something very obvious. I'm trying to devise a way to create a monitor that pings the %locationRouterAddress% variable stored in the location of a client and alert if it cannot be contacted. The problem I'm having is finding a way within Automate to make this an internal monitor that would ping a location without relying on an agent computer, i.e. from the Automate Server. For reference
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