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  1. Thanks for posting your write-up, and catching my typo I've updated my original post not to have the typo.
  2. Who am I and why should you take my advice? I go by Scott [Striven] on the slack. I work for a fairly large security-focused MSP. I've been an Automation Engineer for a couple years now, and have experience that dates back decades in IT and Security, and I have a history of creating automation to combat malware and facilitate server and workstation repairs. With that out of the way.. Did you know your automate server by default is crawled by Google's search algorithm? This means someone can find your automate server via the appropriate google search. I don't believe it's a coincidence th
  3. I decided we were going to update our patch policies to have a dropdown with all 24 hours available for patching, with a set patching window of 4 hours. I wanted to have every day available to select, as well as the end of the quarter. I also wanted to be able to toggle daytime patching with an EDF. Some quick math tells us that this would be 8*24*2 groups, or 384 groups, and 384 searches for your EDFs. This would be extremely tedious, and would absolutely cripple any automate database. I also have EDFs at the computer and location level, and allow
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