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  1. @marktomsovic did you reload your system cache, then close and re-open the script? That error often occurs when a script references EDFs that are created on import but the Control Center doesn't update until you reload the system cache.
  2. @qcomer pointed out that the Standards and Health plugin no longer has the same schema as when this snippet was obtained; I thus have commented out that section.
  3. Interesting to see the differential against the list from circa 2010... clients computers config contacts locations networkdevices passwords probeconfig userclasses users
  4. Memorializing from CWSupport... -- Users have SuperAdmin SELECT `users`.`UserID`, `users`.`Name`, IF((BIT_OR(`userclasses`.`Permissions`) & (1 << 0) = (1 << 0)), 'True', 'False') AS 'SuperAdmin', COUNT(`userclasses`.`name`) AS 'Class Count' FROM `users` LEFT JOIN `userclasses` ON FIND_IN_SET(`userclasses`.ClassID, `users`.`ClientID`) WHERE `users`.`Name` != 'root' GROUP BY `users`.`UserID`; -- Auditing not set to Everything SELECT `users`.`Name` FROM `users` WHERE `AuditLevel` != 5 AND `users`.`Name` != 'root'; -- Audit Users by User Class Membership SELECT users.
  5. SELECT mastergroups.fullname AS GroupName, groupagents.name AS MonitorName, alerttemplate.name AS AlertTemplateName FROM groupagents LEFT JOIN alerttemplate ON groupagents.alertaction = alerttemplate.alertactionid LEFT JOIN mastergroups ON groupagents.groupid = mastergroups.groupid WHERE alerttemplate.name NOT LIKE '%Do Nothing%' UNION SELECT 'Global Internal Monitor' AS GroupName, agents.name AS MonitorName, alerttemplate.name AS AlertTemplateName FROM agents LEFT JOIN
  6. Another point of clarification from the Great @MartynKeigher: Scripts life-cycle is.... scheduledscripts >> pendingscripts >> runningscripts >> h_scripts & h_script One-off scripts are still put in the scheduler. even if it is scheduled for 'now'\'run once'. We (CW) do NOT write directly into pending scripts. some plugins DO do that.. but that's [not recommended].
  7. Memorializing from our Lord and Savior @MartynKeigher: martynkeigher Sep 21st at 21:21 iirc... 0 - Not Started 1 - In Progress 2 - Succeeded 4 - Succeeded with Errors 5 - Failed 6 - Aborted
  8. Here's a little routine that will create a random password, store that password with a username (specified in script global @username@) and a timestamped title in a client's passwords, then uses that set of credentials to create a local administrator account on a Windows device. It's meant to be repetitively scheduled on devices that you want to enforce the existence of the local administrator account upon. Each time the script runs, it checks the age of the stored credentials and, if over the number of days specified in script global @ClientPwMaxAgeInDays@, rolls the password specified in the
  9. Couldn't get this to proc until I changed 'AS' to 'USING'... any thoughts?
  10. Got this little snippet at one time from CWSupport, maybe want to run this periodically to clean things up /*Patching Cleanups*/ /*Eliminate extra policy approvals from system if the policy is gone*/ DELETE FROM `patchapprovalsettings` WHERE ApprovalPolicyID NOT IN (SELECT ApprovalPolicyID FROM `patchgroupapprovalpolicies`); /*Clean out Hotfix Table if the computer no longer exist*/ DELETE FROM `hotfix` WHERE computerid NOT IN (SELECT computerid FROM computers); /*S&H patch numbers that do not match the agents Issue: If a missing patch is superseeded before S&H can see it ha
  11. Another one from the Slack files, this one courtesy of @MartynKeigher Appends a '*' to the name of all searches being used by a group to join agents or network devices: UPDATE sensorchecks SET `name` = LEFT(`name`,LENGTH(`name`)-1) WHERE `Name` LIKE '%*'; UPDATE sensorchecks SET `name` = CONCAT(`sensorchecks`.`name`, '*') WHERE sensid IN (SELECT autojoinscript FROM mastergroups) AND `name` NOT LIKE '%*'; UPDATE sensorchecks SET `name` = CONCAT(`sensorchecks`.`name`, '*') WHERE sensid IN (SELECT networkjoin FROM mastergroups) AND `name` NOT LIKE '%*'; UPDATE sensorchecks SET `name` =
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