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  1. Hi There! When I hop into Report Center and view any default report and filtering based on a client I get see all the assets of that client except for the default patch reports. All of the default patch reports (Audit, Compliance, and Stats Summary) only show 5 workstations and 0 servers. Why do the patch reports only show those assets instead of all of them? And where can I modify that filter or setting so I can see all machines? Here's the full test client that I have in the client health standards: But here's how many assets are in any of the patch reports:
  2. How do I apply a search to the monitor once it's created? I currently can't finish creating the monitor unless I choose a client\location\agent computer on the Location tab. I'd like this to be applied to all machines for a specific client. Thanks!
  3. @DarrenWhite99 This will actually work great. When I disable Umbrella on the mac it shows as not running. That's exactly what I need. So onto the next part of this, I'd like to create one search for all machines that have Umbrella installed. Since I have to query Macs and Windows machines with different things, how do I create this search? I feel as though all of the searches that I'm creating are searching one set of machines for both the Umbrella_RC service (Windows) and the com.opendns.osx.DNSCryptProxy (Mac) and I'm getting 0 results. I also must have no idea how OR works in a search
  4. Kind of, there's a service called com.opendns.osx.DNSCryptProxy that looks like it is related to Cisco Umbrella. I guess I can start by monitoring that item there to see where it gets me. I'll reply if this is something that will help. Thanks!
  5. Hi there! So I can make a search for an Application sitting in the Application folder for Apple machines, nice and easy. But there are apps, Cisco Umbrella for example, that aren't listed in there. It functions exactly like an app, but I don't really know how to verify that the application is up and running and installed just like it should be. Has anyone found a better way to show Apple applications that are running that aren't listed? Thanks!
  6. Ahh, my mistake. Thanks for the reply. Will let you know how this goes.
  7. Hmm, new install keeps crashing when I try to run it. Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller Attached.
  8. @DarrenWhite99 This was exactly what I was looking for. This worked perfectly. I figured it would be something as easy as this, I just couldn't quite get the combination of conditions and reverse\invert queries together. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the reply! I’m interested in the latter.
  10. Hello, I'm never sure where searches and monitors go in this forum, so I'm going to put this here. Let me know if I can put it somewhere better. I'd like to create a Monitor that will list every computer that does not have a service called Umbrella_RC running. I've done a few things that have gotten me close, but nothing has come out exactly right. Here's what I have done: I can create a monitor that will show me all computers that have the service Umrella_RC running, but inversing the check or reversing the Query doesn't show me computers that do not have the service running.
  11. Alex, this is awesome, but it makes the monitor rather useless. It's always set to No Problems when using the RAWSQL field, so I can't obtain any alerting when this is run. This may as well just be a SQL based search. Do you or does anyone know the way to interact with missing software? I'd like to alert on missing software or missing services and be able to open a ticket every time software is actually missing. Thanks.
  12. Just following up here. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks!
  13. This still works and was exactly what I needed for running scripts to install software for the currently logged on user. Thanks!
  14. This sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. I'll give it a shot and reply when I can!
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