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  1. It should just be working. Maybe another IISreset? How are you restarting IIS on hosted anyway or seeing the C:\windows\temp on the automate server as those typically are not available to customers on hosted environment?
  2. Nothing changed on the settings of that plugin so if its reading -9999 then something is up with the DB. Try restarting DB agent and IIS on the RMM server. Can you confirm that plugin_datacomm_passwordlink_config table is present?
  3. You need to download the latest automate update here http://bigdessert.com/rmm/rmm-password.html Then make sure you control plugin is up to date.
  4. Make sure you update to version of Automate plugin so you are ready for 2021 Automate with the new security. It is backwards compatible with 2020- versions so you can install now and be prepared.
  5. Note you need to update to version of the automate plugin before moving to Automate 21 as there is new password hashing for users so the logic needed a change. The will remain backwards compatible with 20 so it can be installed any time.
  6. This can be possible and I have it in another private plugin I created. Let me see what it will take to add to this and I will get back. I am really busy at the moment so it may be a bit.
  7. AllowedOrigin can be set to anything you want it just has to be the same on both the control and automate plugins. If it is not set the only thing that doesn't work is sending commands from the plugin so if you don't do that you will not even notice a difference if not set.
  8. Please see important changes in OP regarding headers required with Connectwise Control 20.11+
  9. MFA (DownloadURL) SERVER: localhost NOTE: If you are having issues logging in and getting blank screen when trying to login verify DownloadURL value in the config table and make sure it is the same as your server so if your login Automate URL is https://rmm.domain.com DownloadURL should be rmm.domain.com. Check your DownloadURL in the DB config table. It should be the same as the server url....typically https://automate.domain.com or something like that.
  10. Running without issue on all the same versions. Check C:\Windows\Temp\RMMPasswords.txt log file for any indication on what is going on. Any changes to any of those listed right before it stopped working?
  11. I just tested with both 20.8 and 20.10 and was able to create the session group successfully...so not sure what is going on with your install.
  12. Version 1.0.16 released to prepare for Control 20.11. Should be available in a week on the extension market.
  13. Updated to to add PATCH method.
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