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  1. Yep, you have a couple issues here. First you shouldn't use the 'Shell as Admin' there's a few posts on here which will discuss why you don't use this step Second you are using a Windows system variable which doesn't work with Automate command because it's not running as the user itself You have 1 of 2 ways to accomplish this. Simple way though not exactly all that reliable, you can set the 'If' to 'Console Logged On'. Obviously this will only run if the user is logged in, you would then use the 'Console Shell' function. If the user doesn't have access to the temp
  2. What type of file is it? There's a number of file types blocked by the server. A work around is; use a different file type on the server, i.e .zi would be .zi, .config would be co Download the file rename the file on the machine
  3. Hit me up on Slack, I can try and help you with the MacOS template
  4. I threw this together, it only removes Office 2003-10 and it requires you to have a folder on the LT Share\Transfer\Scripts\Microsoft with the files OffScrubXX.vbs (03-10) You can easily copy lines and add additional Office versions as long as you have the VBS on the server Microsoft Office Legacy uninstall.zip
  5. I know this is an old thread, I made a few changes and put my own spin on this bit of script. It uses the uninstall patch from SQL, I did copy over the lines to delete the additional registry keys and found it didn't 'ComputerID' so it was trying to delete all LogMeIn registry keys listed in the database LogMeIn Uninstall.xml
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