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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is the latest version of my Offline Domain Join script for ConnectWise Automate. This script will join a computer to a domain with no network connection to the domain controller. Automate finds the "Domain naming master" server for the client, generates a file, transfers the file over to the target agent, then uses it to do a domain join. The script can also work when a computer is in the same network as the domain controller. We use it for all domain joining. If a client has multiple domain naming masters the script will automatically fail. If the target computer is on a domain or a
  2. I'm not sure. I've never seen that before. It is possible there is a problem with the harddrive, since it is failing at the data migration stage. Perhaps some data it cannot read?
  3. Oh, it could have been that you needed to do a Reload System Cache. Basically your computer didn't know about the EDF, but the server did. Restarting the server caused you to restart your client which forced a cache reload.
  4. What does your line 17 look like? That's an EDF reference, so if the EDF didn't import properly, I could see how it would cause problems.
  5. Line 31 would need to be modified. Instead of being "File Download" it needs to be "File Download URL".
  6. @Farhan Khalid Thanks for the suggestion. You are right, I didn't do a good job of directing users where to change that. It's a location based EDF. If you double click on a location(not a client), then go to the Info tab, then TNE Setup, there's an EDF there to be updated.
  7. Version 2.5.0


    This script will upgrade copies of Windows to whatever Windows 10 ISO you give it. You will need to upload the Windows 10 ISO to your LTShare/Transfer/ folder(by default in the /ISO/ sub folder). For Windows 7 installs, you must put a copy of 7z.dll and 7z.exe in your LTShare/Transfer/ folder(by default in the \Software\7ZipCLI\ sub folder). This is because it extracts the ISO since Windows 7 can't mount it. I recommend a 32bit copy because they work for both 32 and 64bit. You can download the 7-Zip installer and open it with 7-Zip like a zip file to extract just those files without bothering
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