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  1. I don't see it under the 'new'/Advanced search UI, but if you right-click and switch to 'Legacy' you'll see patch-related search options under "Related - Hotfixes." I'm fuzzy on specific memory, but IIRC 'Installed' was straightforward, 0 = No, 1 = Yes... for 'Approved' it depends on the specific patch manager version. 10.5 Patch Manager: 0 = Not-Set 1 = Approve Beyond that, I don't remember... I think 2 was Deny and 3 was Ignore? 11-12 Patch Manager: 0 = Not-Set 1 = Ignore 2 = Approve 4 = Deny That tripped us up when we upgraded the Patch M
  2. (edit: not the person you were asking, but...) We generally use "default" group + its own autojoin search, and have individual groups + searches for the exclusions roughly by client/OS, like: "Patch Install - Workstations" and "-Servers" by default "Patch Install - Contoso Workstations" with its own autojoin search tagged to clientid + OS "Patch Install - Fabrikam Servers" with its own autojoin search tagged to clientid + OS ...etc. It works well for us because diverging from the primary schedule is pretty uncommon, so it's not a big deal to create a custom gro
  3. 1) Inventory... no matter what, everything's using the Windows Update Agent on a given computer (which is a weakness in terms of Windows 7/2008 R2 patching in particular, regardless of the patch system you use - WUA versions lower than 7.6.7601.23453 are effectively broken and will not consistently report what patches they need). I'm not 100% on this, but if you're using Managed Mode, LT makes a call to the WUA, which checks in with MS (or WSUS) directly and reports back to LT on what it needs/wants. tldr, the list of patches you see on a given computer is what you would see if you just o
  4. What are you doing script-wise to actually install the latest version of the Windows Update agent? If I'm understanding your script correctly, you call another script that actually does the install. Are you able to do a silent install of a Windows Update package? Via wusa.exe, you can silently install .msu packages (which all of these KBs being discussed are), fairly similar to msiexec. /quiet will force no UI with an automatic reboot, /quiet + /norestart will force no UI and skip the automatic reboot (though LabTech will still pick up the machine needs to reboot after), /warnrestart, /pr
  5. So far the process I've got that's been working 99.9% of the time (it's failing on two computers, but TrustedInstaller is broken on both so they've got other problems, haha). stop wuauserv rename c:\windows\softwaredistribution (as opposed to deleting it, which might take enough time that the service restarts before the folder's gone) start wuauserv install patch via wusa rmdir the renamed softwaredistribution folder Specifically, stopping the service, *removing* SoftwareDistribution (delete or rename), starting the service and immediately running the patch has worked reliably. We
  6. I'd be interested in this, too - downloading the .msu file and running it locally on the machine, it will stall at 'Searching for updates...' for hours if left to its own devices on about 90% of the Windows 7 PCs that are still behind. If I run the installer, immediately stop and restart the WU service, and run it again a second time, it goes through almost immediately with no problems, but that requires a manual followup on each Windows 7 machine. Running it in the background via wusa.exe seems to have very little feedback and not work - I've tried scripts/psexec with variations on "w
  7. My experience echoes Josh.eblogix's, for the most part - there's no issues pushing patches and end-users don't get prompts. We're only having a hard time with the major build upgrade(s), i.e. the 10.10240 to 10.10586 '1511' or 'November' update, which shows up as KB3012973. That one shows up in patch management as normal and can be approved/denied, but when LT attempts to push it, nothing happens. We made a script out of the 'patch install' command as instructed by LabTech support, but that seems to pull down a 15MB executable, which doesn't look promising. Has anyone been able to get
  8. Also as a related heads-up, I've been following this in general with regards to the Windows Update Agent side of things - it looks like on 6/21, Microsoft released a hotfix that specifically addresses many of the remaining WUA performance issues on Windows 7: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3161647 •An optimization that addresses long scan time for updates that's reported on some computers. •Fix for a Windows Update error 0x8007000E on some computers while they are updating. •Some reliability improvements. There is no standalone download for that, it was just contained within an
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