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  1. I submitted a case to LT years ago about this along with a feature request. This was denied as they said it's not how it's designed to work. The idea is to be version specific, and the justification for that is you may have a specific version of Reader you don't want to whitelist as it may be problematic. I didn't really agree with that, but that doesn't often matter
  2. Not sure if you ever got a reply, as this thread is really old (don't shoot me for replying to an old thread either). In order to do this, you need to choose the MSP settings on the Group. Under the "Info" tab of the Group you have people auto joining, you can choose MSP Contract Group and/or Patching Covered Under Contract. If you choose the latter, the Under patching Contract tickbox will eventually be applied to the machine, which is required to be included in auto-patching groups. Stuart.
  3. You'd be right I can't change it to anything under 60 at all, and the tech in question doesn't recall having changed it either. Maybe it was corruption in the database, or we have had LT digging through our database trying to get to the bottom of some other issues, so it could have been accidentally changed. I'm pretty much the only person who has back-end access to our database outside LT, and I'm 100% it wasn't me. Chalk it up to a glitch Thanks for getting back to me!
  4. Feature Request: Any chance of putting a minimum repeat time for the plugin? The plugin frequency was changed to 1 minute by a tech and not changed back... I'd really like to avoid anyone being able to make this change and fail to change it back, as it slammed the internet connection at the clients site and I had to admit the fault and foot the bill for excess usage charges... 60 minutes should be more than enough..? Stuart
  5. I recommend you guys read back through the entire thread. Most of what you're querying is covered off in the scripts by BGags, or at least in conversation throughout the thread. Regarding the loop thing. I've been using a :WAIT system. You run the process then set a :WAIT label. Sleep for however long is appropriate (I adjust as the script is tested) then resend the process list. Wait another 5 seconds to ensure the process list is populated and then IF PROCESS EXISTS, jump to :WAIT, which effectively takes you back to the start of the sleep process. I have scripts that run for hours
  6. BGags, absolutely love your work with this WUA stuff, you've made my life so much more complete In the interest of supporting my lasiness, are you able to post the lines of the script you added for installing the June (or July) Update Rollup? I could work out the download locations and such, but you've done such a stellar job to this point I figured I'd ask! Thanks!
  7. Sorry, me again. I'm getting some false positives due to KeepAlive for some long running processes. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to exclude these from the result?
  8. Just had to put a reply in. Had an issue with a server today, started writing a script and remember to check here. This is awesome and works beautifully! To import the SQL statement, you need to use the SQL option under Import where you also find the XML option for importing the 2 XML files. After that, you just need to follow CCP's instructions in the post with the attachment and make sure the scripts are referenced correctly and set the monitor to run the script. Cheers, Stuart.
  9. Just a quick feedback on the lack of expanding and compatibility settings. I had the same issue and had to UNtick the "Display Intranet Sites in Compatibility Mode" box. Regarding the Upload timeouts. I just got it on a new Windows 10 device with SSD. The file ended up in the Uploads folder a few seconds after it timed out. The timeout is actually a hardcoded thing in LabTech, as we run into it (and have had to work around it) in a number of other scripts. They told me it's there to stay. Hopefully Chad's fix avoids the delay, so the timeout wont matter. Love your work Chad, very ne
  10. Thanks Michael, Migrated LT to another server and upgraded to LT10, so had to re-issue licenses, quick and simple Stuart.
  11. Hi Michael, Some time ago, this plugin stopped working duye to licensing, and I never got around to checking it out. Have applied update, still not working. Can you point me in the right direction to reset it please? I'm sure I could find it, but I'm being lazy Yes, we have a valid monthly license. Thanks, Stuart
  12. Cubert, Another great plugin. Wish I'd found it earlier. Had just finished writing a script without outputs when I found this, so scrapped the script! I'm getting this Output: Emsisoft Commandline Scanner v. © 2003-2015 Emsisoft - http://www.emsisoft.com You have no valid license required to start this application. EDIT: Bollocks, just realised it's trying to run on a server, and you can't use the CLI on a server... Love your work! Stuart.
  13. I know I've been digging up some old threads of late, and not getting much response, but thought I'd ask. Am I missing something running a command on a tab? I am adding the Script GUID (found on the licensing tab) to the button without any other parameters, and the script doesn't get added or run. Okay, bit of an edit. I added the script # and it worked fine. I read a few times this was meant to be the GUID, but appears it still isn't. Ignore me Stuart.
  14. OK, bit of an update, as much as this thread appears quite dead, I intend to get this working! I created a completely new monitor and assigned it as described, and it has worked. I'll find out why the older ones aren't and get back to you, just thought I'd let you know I'm making some progress which might help others along. EDIT: It's gone again, didn't change anything, however, there is no longer an item to be reviewed against the monitor (I approved/ignored them). So, I'm guessing my issue is related to not actually populating the data which is why nothing shows. I was under th
  15. Hi GUys, Installed this years ago, finally getting to sorting it out, as I forgot about it... I've updated to the latest version and followed Gregs demo instructions on page 1, but the Select Monitor Dropdown is empty. I've disabled the plugin, restarted DB Agent, restarted client with plugin disabled, enabled, etc... but I'm just not seeing anything in the dropdown. I'm really looking forward to less ticket spam!! Edit: Not sure if it will affect things. I'm using LT10, and the action field now has the option of Error and Warning. I've selected both... Edit: Tickets also
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