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  1. Oh, that method is a lot simpler. I assumed the VScanID was an Auto-Incrementing Primary Key - and so I didn't even consider that. My method was the more complicated approach to that result lol. Glad you were able to get with them, and get it sorted! I'll definitely be going that route for future versioning entries I create.
  2. If I'm understanding correctly, you're creating a new Virus Scanner entry in the Dashboard - which auto-creates a new GUID. So, when you give that new entry all the fields of one of the existing Virus Scanner entries, you briefly have two nearly identical entries...the only difference being the GUID, which I don't believe is editable via the Dashboard. So, then - when you replace the older Virus Scanner entry with the values you require for SentinelOne...it will have the GUID that IKARUS had, and now IKARUS has a completely different, new GUID. So - if there's anything that reads th
  3. This might be too simple of an answer - but could it be that it's identifying the GUID being mismatched with the Name?
  4. In a perfect world, I'd know how to do something really clever - like write a plugin that will go out and identify User Profiles, where their folders live, and the size of those folders. But, this world is far from perfect...and I'm probably equally as far from clever. So, I've been working on something that I'd hoped would be a bit quicker, that could get me the data in some capacity, so that later - when I get the time - I could revisit it, retool it, and get it into a more robust/universal state of functionality. First thought that came to mind: "Powershell, Invoke-Command, a
  5. Long week? 😄 On the plus side, at least you agree with you. Lord knows if I did that, I'd have probably started an argument with myself and then not even noticed for about 5-6 posts 🤦‍♂️ Are you using a Custom Menu for your tray? Or...if a Custom Menu provided the solution, would you then be interested in using a Custom Menu? I can't find any built-in method of achieving that...but I didn't want to embark down the "Custom" path of testing if that's a deal-breaker.
  6. Agreed! I haven't updated the Virus Scanners in the Solution Center, either - for fear of resetting the DB. 😬 Good luck - hopefully you get it working straight away, but if not, I'll be happy to help as best I can.
  7. So - I had this problem a while back, and after working with a few different people in the MSP Geek Slack Channel, it was determined that Automate scans for AV Software by the Scanner ID. So, if you're adding SentinelOne entries, they need to have an ID in the Automate DB that is a lower number than other AV Software (Windows Defender, especially - since that's on everything). In the attached cwa_s1_vscan.png screenshot, you can see that I've moved the first 25-ish entries, and replaced them with S1 entries (we have S1 that we manage on clients, and S1 that is managed by other companies
  8. Version Check field and Version Mask, if I had to guess. I can get a better look at it when I’m back at my desk. We have one entry per SentinelOne Version, so if you’re looking for a blanket-approach, I’m not sure if that’s do-able. (Though, if it is - sign me up!)
  9. Where does one acquire a Lenovo API Key? Also - HP is telling me that their API is still down, so I don't have a key for that, either. All HP checks are coming back with blank dates - so, either all HP's are without warranty, or the key is still necessary (despite the API being down), or (and, I can assure you, this is much more likely) I'm an idiot. These are all really awesome functions - I'm glad you guys exist. The powers that be want Warranty Reporting, but they don't want to pay for it, and I'm sooo very tired of activating Warranty Master, and then having to cancel it right
  10. If I'm not mistaken - the main Downloads page for StorageCraft still has 7.5.6 installer for ImageManager, as well.
  11. Ok - it looks like, after getting 7.5.28 installed on a few more devices, a lot of these errors in the StorageCraft plugin are clearing up. Still have quite a few in need of actual fixing, and then...get to do this whole process again with ShadowProtect. Should be a lot of fun, but at least the plugin appears to be reporting correctly Well, for ImageManager, anyway. Won't know about SPX until after I fix all these. Thanks again for all the help and information! Is there an official release date for the updated plugin?
  12. Oh, no problem, re-managing the folder and setting up the replication jobs were no sweat New script works to get 7.5.28 installed - and the settings were retained, so I didn't need to restore that time. I re-sent all Inventory, and ran the Update Configs command on the device. It's still showing 2 servers with failed replication jobs, even though Image Manager on the device is not showing any replication issues. The Backup.IM.txt file does not show the API error above, but one of the volumes is still showing a last replication date of 5/21/2019, despite having replicated last
  13. Wes, I ran the last one - to backup the config and install the 7.5.28 version of IM. After it ran, I logged on to the device, and it's still got 7.5.12 installed, but all of the settings have been stripped out of it?
  14. UPDATE Ok - so, there's a sqlite DB saved to "C:\ProgramData\LabTech\IMDB.db" on the devices where ImageManager is installed. For the above-referenced client, I used DB Browser for SQLite, and discovered that there hasn't been a 'success' entry in the 'plugin_sc_im_replication_success' table since the above-mentioned date. Still doesn't explain where the disconnect is, but at least why the plugin is showing the wrong data. In that same folder is a 'Backup.IM.txt' file - logs. Joy. In this file, I've discovered the following error message: No clue what the RemoteServer
  15. So...feels like I'm never not working on this, but - we have the StorageCraft Plugin for CWA, and I just gotta ask: Where is the plugin getting the information from, and how frequently does it gather the information? We have several 'false positives', and I don't know where to begin 'updating' the information the plugin is working with. For Instance - we have a client that is showing Replication Failures since 8/14/2019, per their BDR's ImageManager information. Well, when I hop on that device, there are 0 Replication issues/errors/notifications/etc. It shows the last replicated f
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