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  1. So I know there IS a GUI front end, but just not in automate yet.
  2. If you go into the dashboard, right click on one of the columns and select column chooser, the appid column is there to add.
  3. We've used HP Micro FF desktops with great success, generally they are an i5 with 16GB of RAM and a fairly large HDD, about 1TB
  4. I'm running Patch 18 and BD as well, I've not had these issues at all? Do ya'll have content control or SSL inspection etc. turned on?
  5. Standards and health plug in could help with that sir a simple explanation is you set a baseline, then the standards and health plug in weighs those criteria, scores it and presents the data in a somewhat report-able format, I've attached an example. Hopefully other smarter folks than I stumble along and answer as well.
  6. We use it. It's a love/hate relationship. Though frankly I feel it's the same way with all PSAs. Several things that we DON'T use it for are, invoicing, billing, warehouse and procurement. I happen to love the integration with LabTech that it offers for automating maintenance into tickets for tracking it.
  7. been there done that, left audit mode enabled for "tracking purposes"
  8. change his password, randomly on a rotating basis, script it make it 1024 characters, start with this one Pj#aIPdHRLhhxbLTw$PbcVG7KHoIt2bh&ZNkupc#doPWmaFQdgP61FrSsq&lN59#jwpbsighX4GHyk#$cfHbFbKrs^iJItQ2UYUsjiM9KPnqDXsPXW4adM*BUXFGWpCq9gkYmnv!0FQl*Z6r0JOkh*bAUVHZtfeKXUSKRp2MBBb2V9xQoq#KnZHpPKOQqr73$rlO&r6qrf5Pgpm7*Z&o&cmCpf@^6sd09u3tzyW!mPHP@mXI$Thkj5vAvE*8U%eATe9OOrGpTrr%cY*aj4$nQsn4bF@XoHmE9oyhjNfHJC489rCywGFrQtAzHNGgqqe6UJg%hrKR@qJs7m8bjJ9QnFQKpUv4!2oDqC#pkIF2BlchywNHtyJeUSA*pa^jLeZfHjEPLsJwXvvvLhYFc2M6KFFPVLf7TqrkKttCw9tSVQ3OQIe7lsH0Zr5Na0X4p!4LBTfXXc!4g#Vmfzfx&Y
  9. That and document the time it takes you to fix his "issues" and explain that that time could be spend doing more productive things.
  10. do you have a PSA such as connectwise or autotask?
  11. Well, LT will find them if they are on the same subnet as a probe, you can then choose to sync that asset over to cw
  12. are these devices without LT? Sounds like it.
  13. You're doing asset tracking per user? Or do you just want to know where they are?
  14. i'd check into, I think ConnectWise supports bar code or QIR tag scanning in the mobile application
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