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  1. Oh, all the ones I have tested used a token generator! I'll review adding that functionality! -Nemesis
  2. Beta 3.0 is available here : http://www.drewtilities.com/crap/crapv3.zip Only Software and Printers available right now. PM me any issues or suggestions. New: 1: Should work with 2FA. 2: To reduce noise of common items, it now Includes filter option using an ignorefile.json included in the zip file. Ignore file is just plaintext json, just add what you want to filter out. It is treated as *name* and will not be listed in the UI. Ignore File can be just in the same folder, or you can make it global to your techs. To use global ignorefile: 1: Drop the “I
  3. Sorry folks, The newer versions of Automate depreciated the old API's - its broke. This is being re-written to support the updated API's as well as 2fa. -Nemesis
  4. Yup, re-available. Sorry old server was shut down. https://labtechdrew.z13.web.core.windows.net/fixrdpdpi/default.htm *** Fixed Link
  5. Ok, Server OS incompatibility handled gracefully now. Thank you for the reports! Also added fix for the following Oracle Error: -Nemesis
  6. Fixed the bit.ly link. Current version now matches the screenshot. -Nemesis
  7. This is to be installed on the workstation with the DPI issue as generally high res monitors are not found on servers. I've reverted to the old code temp while I review the issue. Thanks for the feedback. -Nemesis
  8. Whats New? It's Prettier! / Displays fix status on run / Auto-elevates to Admin (Required to write the manifest file out). What is it: If your on a high resolution screen and RDP is way to small to see - this fixes it. New: Added fix for Oracle Encryption error New: Added warning instead of crash when run on Server OS
  9. Oh wow - missed that - I'll have to find it and repost...
  10. UPDATED: 2/18/2020 FIXED DOWNLOAD LINK Hey all, If you have have a high resolution monitor and RDP (mstsc.exe) is much to small to read, here is a small tool to fix it. ** Run this on the computer experiencing the issue - not the remote server You can enable, or disable the fix if it causes any issues. https://labtechdrew.z13.web.core.windows.net/fixrdpdpi/default.htm *** Fixed Link *** Running this on Server OS will now report an error instead of application crash *** Added fix for Oracle Encryption error ** Added additional fixes for the Oracle RD
  11. Oh that's a problem. Thanks for the report - I'll check it out. -Nemesis
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