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  1. Assuming you're talking about settings and software, you could write a script that makes registry changes and installs software. There's not an "import" function though.
  2. Here's a VBS script we found online years ago and use for this. We run it from Task Scheduler, run as SYSTEM. ' subfolders WILL be deleted since recursion is NOT commented out in the DeleteOldFiles function ' run as "cscript filename.vbs" to allow WScript.StdOut.WriteLine to function ' Use of cscript.exe required to get it to run on Server 2012 R2 and later. Otherwise the task seems to never finish. Dim fso, startFolder, OlderThanDate Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") ' ---- Repeat this section for each folder ---- ' folder to start deleting (UNC path is fi
  3. Lee, is there a way to break up your script and have it launch another script later to finish? Like "if %windir\ltsvc\thisscriptstillrunning.txt exists then reschedule the finishing script in 1 hour"? That said 6 hours seems like a colossal time for disk cleanups. "install files from previous Windows builds" meaning Win10 feature update backups? Those prune out on their own...
  4. I sent you a direct message with what we had. You should just be able to uninstall it though. SEP SBE (Symantec.cloud) mostly died a couple years ago...they made us move all but our two direct licensed nonprofit clients to SEPC which we then almost immediately left. SEPC died (turned off) in early November.
  5. IIRC one of the tables involved has a field length limit so it gets truncated. You can look up the event in the PC's event log page/tab or history and usually get more of the message there.
  6. Greg, did you update the antivirus config solution by chance? Wondering if that overwrites something. The other thing would be that I've found the client software picks up changes to the virus list when it is opened, so if one adds a virus config, the PC may well be detecting it but the client will show it as not installed until it is reopened. In other words the agent is sending ID 207 but the client doesn't know what 207 is so it shows it as Not Installed. In your case perhaps the agent is sending the correct ID and your client is showing the old name?
  7. We do have clients that have PCs off for long periods and yet also forget to tell us when a PC dies, so we try to ask them from time to time of their status and let them decide. re: malfunctioning, if online the PC will still show in the antivirus portal or CW Control will be online. Or they'll have a last online date. At one point we had issues with ~5% of agents dropping offline after a patch update when the agent install would fail and I'd have to manually uninstall and reinstall through Control's command line. There are scripts online to try to reinstall the agent if the service is
  8. One can approve selected patches and different times. There is a script command to install all approved patches. You could look into running a script on Wednesdays and having the normal patch-and-reboot window on Saturday?
  9. Our free space internal monitor has additional conditions: Drives.Size > 4096 and Drives.FileSystem not in ('CDFS','UNKFS','DVDFS','FAT','FAT32','NetFS') and Drives.free < 4096 and Drives.missing !=1 and Drives.smartstatus NOT LIKE 'USB:%' and Drives.Model NOT LIKE '%IEEE%' AND Drives.VolumeName NOT IN ('HP_RECOVERY', 'LENOVO_RECOVERY', 'RECOVERY') Drives.Size I think is in MB which would make that 4 GB. You would add something like: AND Drives.Size < 1048576 For something more complex I ran across this prediction monitor years ago:
  10. Hmm, we installed it last Friday evening. It went in like a normal patch and has been fine this week. The only thing that came up so far wasn't directly Automate related, but it seems the newer Control 20.11 version I also installed doesn't set up remote printers on Windows 7 "guest" PCs, in limited testing (the PC the remote user connects to...still think that's backwards). The patches normally stop several LT services to install...I haven't ever really looked but I think it's all of them, and I want to say IIS too? It shows in the cmd window or you can look in the patch log file whic
  11. We onboarded a couple of clients using WSUS and coming at it from that direction we just installed our agent, the PC looked at WSUS, and things were basically normal. We didn't do anything different in Automate, just used our normal settings. Note the major difference in behavior is updates must be approved in WSUS in order for Automate (the PC) to even know they exist. That probably doesn't answer your question fully but may help. I don't think we changed GPO (it's been several years) but logically I'd think one would want to "not configure" the setting to install updates at a certain tim
  12. I don't think so unfortunately. Tray messages (put ! in front of the text in the popup message text field) will stay in the notification area but users may not bother looking at those.
  13. If you can get the no-heartbeat check into a monitor, sure. I don't recall why I think it didn't work though...been several years.
  14. The opposite can be done as a search: For some reason I think it couldn't be a monitor, don't recall now. We use that to script a "restart the ltsvcmon service" script. Edit: the * in the search allows raw SQL.
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