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  1. It can definitely be related to no VMs. Hit me up on slack after 5pm EST or over the weekend and I can help you out and at least see if I can give you enough info to assist you in learning.
  2. @marmfield This error is basically telling you that $a (or Get-VM) is null. This will require some troubleshooting to be done on one of the problem hosts directly to see how the command behaves interactively vs through LT Command etc. We have this deployed on over a hundred hosts without an issue.
  3. I'm not completely sure @marmfield because it depends which command the error comes from. I know Get-VM returns nothing if there are no VMs so the error is likely to be coming from the second statement when I try looping through the variable. You can wrap the entire statement in an IF check to make sure Get-VM isn't nul if (Get-VM) { <paste the original code> } This will return a blank result when run which will put the monitor in a warning state. you can add on an Else at the end of the above to spit out "No issues detected." just like the else in the original code post if y
  4. We're looking into this! Just waiting on @kspooner
  5. See the recording for this cast, start at around 12 minutes in order to skip the countdown until 8:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv5ZVAJIFRk&t=1s There was some confusion as I quickly ballooned from simple Searches and Groups to a Remote Monitor that changed into a complex Powershell script that then turned into a confusing State Based monitor. I'll break it down here for people who want a quick review without watching the entire show. The goal: Determine which Virtual Machines are supposed to be running on the Host that are not actually running righ
  6. Imported! Lets see if we're missing any @DarrenWhite99
    All of Darren's posts are 5 star, this Dataview is just what one of my guys has been begging me for -happy to see it off my plate
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