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Renaming Ignite Ticket Names

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I'm trying to deal with a CW annoyance that we are having and I need to rename ignite monitor names globally.  Automate monitor names (hence ticket names) are cryptic to someone who is not technical.  When tickets are created and forwarded to Automate, our dispatch person has no idea of the severity of the ticket.  Ticket names come from monitor names and I have renamed those to make our lives a lot easier however there are Ignite tickets that come in and for the life of me I have no idea where to rename them.

For example today we had DNS failure at a client site with a ticket created called EXE - DNS Lookup Test.  Considering this is their sole DNS server you and I know this will be a big problem however for someone less technical this doesn't mean much.  Personally I would prefer, "Urgent - DNS Server failure - DNS Lookup Test".  I think dispatch would put it high in their priority if they saw that.  

Monitors are automatically created by the Ignite management packs.  Does anyone have any idea where I could rename the monitor name globally?

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