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External Ping Monitor as an Internal Monitor

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Hey, everyone. I was looking around the forum (and too many others) to see if I could find something similar to what I want to do and I'm interested to see if anyone has any input or if I'm perhaps missing something very obvious.

I'm trying to devise a way to create a monitor that pings the %locationRouterAddress% variable stored in the location of a client and alert if it cannot be contacted. The problem I'm having is finding a way within Automate to make this an internal monitor that would ping a location without relying on an agent computer, i.e. from the Automate Server. For reference, here is the logic that I currently have written.

A few of the problems I'm running into are:

  1. Location scripts appear to only be able to be run as isolated scripts. If I set this script as a client or network script, it no longer becomes available for me to run on a location because only computer scripts can be isolated, which also means that this script must run against an agent, which is... irritating to say the least.
  2. I don't believe I can add a Location to an internal monitor because I cannot add a location to a group (as far as I'm aware).

This monitor should require no input from an agent, but I'm having a hard time identifying a good way to run this without having to involve one. The more it relies on an agent, the less I can scale this. Does anyone currently have any ideas on how I can achieve creating a scalable monitor for simply pinging an external IP address (set as an EDF) within ConnectWise Automate?

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As an additional note, I ended up scrapping this project and have looked into a third-party solution. I was able to create script that performed this and remote monitors were assigned to the probe device at each location; however, my engineers weren't happy with the results so I've deleted all of the monitors.

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@AKWinsor for your knowledge and future readers; you can do this easily. 

We have our WANs from IT Glue pulled down via a script into the LT Database (for Dual WAN Monitoring) after which we cycle through them with a script generating the remote monitors required for each WAN. Instead of placing the remote monitor on a computer at the customer (which is pointless since if the location is offline, the probe/agents are too) we placed it on the agent of our Automate Server. For hosted customers that do not have Automate access you can use ANY computer at your corporate location. I would create a "management" PC


Inside the remote monitor there's a tab called "Location" which has a part at the bottom to allow you to se the Alert Target. The location can be the agent which will run the monitor, and the alert target will be the one the monitor creates alerts for. We pick the longest online computer randomly to assign this to automatically via some fancy sql.


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