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Deleting an Uploaded File from LTShare

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so currently I have a script that Uploads a txt file that I create inside my script. However, I want my script to delete the uploaded file after I send it in an email. I thought I could do delete file and specify the location of the online server but it is still checking for it locally. How can I add a line in my script to remove that file from the LTShare server after its sent in an email?

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You need to add a line in your script:

Function: Variable Set

Set Type: Constant

Parameter: Computer ID number of your LT server

Variable Name: computerid

This changes the machine you are running the next lines of script on, to your LT server. Then you can run 'del "address of file on LT server" Shell command on the next line of script, to delete the file from the LTShare.

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