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Teams deployment not working

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Hey all, I am new to CW scripting and scripting in general, so take it easy on me. 

I have been trying to put together a script to deploy Microsoft Teams to roughly 2500 agents and I am having the hardest time. Any help from you guys would be great.

I have found 2 scripts on here and edited them to fit our needs. The teams install script seems to work fine, but because it is an MSI, it is not showing up until after a reboot (or user sign out). I have found a reboot script on here that is pretty straight forward, but it only works sometimes and I have no idea why. Sometimes the prompt shows up, and sometimes it automatically denies (chooses no without a prompt) and moves on. If anyone has had experiences with this and knows how to fix it or something that may help, please let me know. I am going to provide a screenshot of both scripts so you all can analyze the code. Thanks.



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