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Deploy Automate Agents via Azure Intune

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We are moving all of our clients over to Azure AD and are looking to deploy the Automate Agents via Intune. We have the policy set and we can upload the MSI file specific to the customer, and it does install the Automate agent to the workstation. However, sometime during the process it strips the server information out. In the LTSvc folder LTErrors.txt file it says "Failed to connect to https://Enter Server Location Here.aspx" or something to that effect. When I run that same exact MSI manually it auto populates that field with the server and location data. 


Has anyone else tried to do this? ConnectWise is saying this is an unsupported method of deployment, but I did manage to get a ticket escalated. 

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I've been able to successfully install agent from Azure, I've attached a screenshot of the app setup within Azure. You need to locate the serverpass and location ID, you get these when you manually run the agent msi installer and then input this into your Azure setup. You should be able to get it going if you follow the screenshot


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We used this setup for a couple of years but we noticed about April 2020 it stopped working after the CWA security update.

Intune installs the LTsvc and the program is running but it can't complete the handshake to authenticate with our Automate service.

Have you encountered this problem? Did you fix it?

In case your interested I have attached the errors log.

Thanks RustyLTErrors.txt

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