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Where do default patch reports get their asset counts?

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Hi There!

When I hop into Report Center and view any default report and filtering based on a client I get see all the assets of that client except for the default patch reports. All of the default patch reports (Audit, Compliance, and Stats Summary) only show 5 workstations and 0 servers. 

Why do the patch reports only show those assets instead of all of them? And where can I modify that filter or setting so I can see all machines?

Here's the full test client that I have in the client health standards:



But here's how many assets are in any of the patch reports:


As a bigger question:

My main goal here is to generate a patch compliance report for servers only but I can't seem to find out how to filter based on Client > OS Type. If anyone could help me with that I'd really be appreciative.

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