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CW Automate Server Version Update Monitor

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With the Hosted LabTech solution, you are not always notified of a version update. If you don't want to find out there was an update when your tech's begin complaining that Control Center isn't opening, this monitor may be a solution for you.


After importing the monitor, you will need to configure the alert template so that some action can be taken. It would probably be best to use a template that is configured to email specific recipients in charge of the LabTech server. (No computerid is associated with the monitor, so ticketing based on computer/client etc. might not work out so well.) The monitor looks at the LT Version info, and each time the information is changed it generates another alert. It is set to only repeat once every 5 years, so once a particular version has been alerted for, it will not alert for it again.

CWA Release Version.zip

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