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Screen Resolution To Cloud Server

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yep I have same issue. Recently support asked me to try something on our server and I had to tab and count to get down to the save button. The account is very restricted so pretty sure there would be no way for us to change the screen res.

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I've asked Support about this issue a few times now and really haven't received a good response. The closest I've received is an acknowledgement that some things would be difficult at a lower resolution... when I've found that there are some things that are impossible to use (such as the new patch manager, or the computer screens, both of which render larger than the desktop resolution allows).

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The max resolution set by Amazon is 1024x768. I have tried tinkering with it in the past to make it work at a higher resolution, but have not found a method yet that works. It seems to be a limitation of the drivers used by Amazon's EC2 Console when using any type of remote client, such as ConnectWise Control.


The only way to view the server at a higher resolution is to log in directly via RDP, which we cannot open for obvious security reasons.

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