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Unable to acces files in LTshare in script step dropdown

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Hello everyone, this is my first post! I'm LT hosted and use Dropbox for my file repository.


I'm writing a really simple script to download a file today from /Transfer/TurnkeySupportTools, which is in my dropbox LTShare.


Today, I'm unable to get the script to run without this result:


Parameters: TurnkeySupportTools\getscs.bat|c:\getscs.bat

Output: ERR Could not Download file /Transfer/TurnkeySupportTools\getscs.bat


My batch file is in the right spot in dropbox, my syntax matches a bunch of other scripts that are working just fine.


I've noticed that in my script step, this getscs.bat file is not listed in the dropdown. I had just typed in the path, matching it to my other successful script steps that do the same thing.


I have a feeling that if my file were listed in the dropdown, it would probably work just fine. To test, I changed my link to a file to something I picked from the dropdown, and it did in fact work.


It's like my dropbox is correct on my end, but it's not syncing to Labtech host out in Labtech land somehow.

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Hi Dave,

This is usually caused by 1 of 2 things:


1. Sync has failed on the server side, due to the application losing credentials or updating

2. The permissions on the file inherited from your machine may not be allowing LabTech to access the file properly


Either way, it's a relatively easy fix.


If you have not already submitted a ticket to Support, go ahead and do that so that we can resolve the issue for you.



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