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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Geeks I wonder if any of you have been using Appget with Automate? It is an open source package manager for Windows. It is also an open source project on Github. It can install and update 800+ apps. I tried it on one of our PCs: References: https://appget.net/ https://github.com/appget/appget
  2. Plugins4Automate has released to beta their new App Genie plugin for ConnectWise Automate. What is App Genie?App Genie is designed to make managing 3rd party updates to "Already Installed Software" literally brainless. The MSP just installs the plugin and selects a client console from the Automate Control center and enable the updates on workstations and/or servers. App Genie will look at the installed software lists of each agent and determine if it has a match that it can apply updates to. Then it goes out regularly to test and apply updates if needed. Can we make 3rd party upd
  3. We've recently ran into an issue with cumulative updates on Windows 10 machines causing the machines to bsd. Is there a way to have the cumulative updates install separately over the weekend?
  4. We're working on moving from Ignite-driven patching to the new Patch Manager in LT11, and I'm trying to figure out what determines when patches actually start installing once the patch window begins. We have a few Windows VMs (Server 2k8R2, 2k12R2, 2k16, and Windows 10) setup and while our Server 2012 R2 VM began patching immediately (evidenced by TiWorker.exe sitting at the top of the process list sorted by CPU utilization), the others started sometime after I left the office for the day and as I've been monitoring them today, I havent observed the process start yet. Should I be tighte
  5. Geeks, Patching your Patch Engine, Microsoft’s Windows Update Agent (WUA) is an agent program that works in conjunction with Windows Server Update Services to support automated patch delivery and installation. Labtech uses this agent to help determine what patches are needed by each Windows system and deploys them. Microsoft often updates the WUA which increases the detection of missing patches more current then the installed version of WUA. This can cause you to get a perception that your patching is up to date when in actuality your massively behind. There is mor
  6. Plugins4Automate.com has released a new build of Patch Remedy that now handles Windows 10 version 1709. Read our blog for information of what was added to this plugin at https://www.plugins4labtech.com/blogs/blog/patch-remedy-makes-way-for-windows-10-version-1709
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