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  1. I am seeing an error when running the Local Subnet agent deployment in some environments that I don't quite understand: The script runs completely and gets caught here: The Automate Server Parameter Was Not Entered or Inaccessible Help: Get-Help Push-Automate -Full BEGIN { $ErrorActionPreference = "SilentlyContinue" $Verbose = If ($PSBoundParameters.Verbose -eq $True) { $True } Else { $False } Write-Verbose "Checking if Automate Server URL is active. Server entered: $($Server)" $AutomateURLTest = "https://$($Server)/LabTech/" Write-Verbose "$AutomateU
  2. @Braingears Thanks for this script. I managed to get the token generation function working with the "Scan Local Subnet.xml" script. Question on how you would approach a scenario. I have a client with 10 locations. IF each location has 1 subnet I suppose I could schedule scan-network on one of the online agents at each location? I assume to run the "Scan Local Subnet" the agent needs to be Online? IF a single location has multiple subnets which differ from the subnet of the agent how would I go about tackling that problem? Would it be possible in the future to add an over-ride f
  3. Thanks so much for this batch file! I have successfully used it to query and add registry values to the HKCU hive. This works great!
  4. I found a minor error in this script. When line 8 is called it has the variable check defined as @commandresults. This causes the script to never reboot as the @commandresults variable doesn't exist so it never jumps to :Success. Instead it needs to be commandresults on line 8 so that Automate automatically calls the variable as @commandresults@. Then the script will correctly advance to :success and reboot the computer.
  5. Thanks Steve is this the redeploy command or the reinstall command you are mentioning here?
  6. Anyone know a way to automate machines that are offline in Control but online in Automate? I skimmed through the documentation and wasn't sure if there was something banal that I was missing right in front of my eyes.
  7. Hello tfGecko, You'll want to import the SQL file into Automate. You'll find that in the root of the AutomateAPI-master folder when you download from Github. Internal Monitor for Automate - Recommended.sql
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