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  1. Do you have an example of a remote monitor that picks up iscsi disconnect and sends an e-mail upon failure?
  2. So where in Connectwise would I have to write this script? What if your volumes aren't named Iscsi?
  3. Has anyone created a script for iscsi disconnects, failed raid controller, and bad sectors that are actually bad sectors from vms? Would really appreciate any suggestions/help. Thanks!
  4. Fired off several e-mails, haven't gotten a response for a time to work on this. Some other things are off too such as the e-mail on "backup failure." and the scheduling is off..
  5. For whatever reason we aren't getting any information on shadow storage. Is there something that needs to be configured for that to work?
  6. Has someone created a script to pickup the event ids for when DPM and VSS fails/succeeds when doing backups?
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