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  1. Hi @PseudoIT, AcceloSync does work with the latest version of CWA. We are a Pilot member so we are constantly testing and if necessary tweaking. Always looking for feedback and suggestions on how to make the experience better.
  2. Hey @MGreen, at the moment we have not mapped assets or service agreements. We built the plugin for our own internal use, but decided to polish it up and release it to the public for anyone else considering the move away from CWM. Our intention is to extend functionality either as we require it, or as the customer base requests. At the moment we're the only ones using it, and that's not a feature we _need_ right now, so it's not in our development pipeline. We have been talking to Accelo about how we might be able to leverage custom fields in their Assets table to perhaps do som
  3. Hi All, It's with great pleasure that we announce the initial v1.0 release of our "AcceloSync" plugin for LabTech/ConnectWise Automate to synchronise with the awesome PSA (aka Service Operations) "Accelo" (www.accelo.com). Born out of on-going frustration with ConnectWise [Manage], it's never ending UI revisions and little improvement in UX, not to mention the fact that the mobile application is damn right awful, we went hunting for a new PSA and came across Accelo. It's fast, totally SaaS driven and innovative - and has a fully open API that you can do amazing things with. Our
  4. Updated with a few tweaks. grafana_labtech_maindashboard.json
  5. Thought I'd give this a whack. I just used the built in MySQL database connector, it works. ClientId ='1' is where all new agents go and ad-hoc agents go. Devices related to clientid 1 are IGNORED. [removed code]
  6. Had a hack at this - running on Ubuntu.
  7. This is awesome. Thank you so much! Now if we could get your plugin to talk to RMM+ that would be the bomb!
  8. Hi All, Have been going through and following a lot of these performance tweaks. Running the query up above I am still seeing 2 columns for the following tables and column names - filteredhotfixcompliancedata - FilterID - filteredpatchdeviceinfo - FilterID - plugin_sw_announce_maintenance - ID - searches - SearchID is it safe to go through and "DROP INDEX" on these columns?
  9. How did you go with this? i'm trying to understand the effort required to write a plugin to sync LT tickets with a 3rd party PSA/ticketing system as well. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. What's involved in writing a LabTech plugin to integrate to a different PSA - like Accelo for instance?
  11. This is a great plugin and thank you so much to Squidworks for building it. I am just wondering if it could be modified to work with Intermedia's hosted exchange offering at all?
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